In less than two years’ time, MaxThaDemon has risen up the ranks of New York’s Drill scene
and galvanized a fan base that has strongly blasted past the city’s borders. As the 20-year-old
Brooklyn native readies the release of his highly anticipated Demon Season Vol. 3, Max is ready
to globalize the movement he helped cultivate.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Max’s life was far from ideal. “I would say I lived in one part of
Brooklyn, but was raised in a whole other area,” Max recalls. He was christened MaxThaDemon
in the streets and the name later followed him. From his preteen years, he gravitated toward
that street life, taking in the sounds of the burgeoning new rap movement brewing that would
later be come to known as Brooklyn’s Drill. “That music, that energy, that vibe, I was taking it all
in,” he says. “I was also really into a lot of the Chicago Drill rappers, their music was just so
authentic to me. They rapped about what was really going on and painted a really vivid picture.”
It wasn’t long before Max was in an out of juvenile detention centers for the greater part of his
teenage years. While there, he discovered his knack for writing rhymes, taking a page from the
Chicago Drill playbook to craft his own Brooklyn stories. The key to his craft was rooted in
authenticity. “I feel like a big part of what it is, is that real stuff has to be going on,” he adds. He
cites the current pandemic coupled with the rise in crime rates in Brooklyn as a catalyst for his
newer material. “If there’s nothing going on in my life or nothing I see going on in the streets, I
can’t write anything.”

Project after project and track after track, Max dropped his music like a rapid fire, pairing many
of the tracks with videos before moving onto the next one. The world caught on, as cuts like “4
Quarters” swiftly moved from streaming platforms to TikTok, only expanding Max’s reach. To
date, “4 Quarters” is hovering over 7.6 million views on Worldstar’s YouTube channel alone. His
Demon Season series combined a high energy flow, couple with gritty tales from the block as
Max rhymes from an eagle eye viewpoint of the streets, but backs his stories with an innate
talent for sharp lyricism. The stage is now set to drop Demon Season Vol. 3.

“With the Drill sh*t, you kinda gotta stay in the moment,” Max says. “So I like to release music as
singles, but Demon Season Vol. 3 has some songs I’ve already dropped plus some new sh*t.”
The project brings the next level of MaxThaDemon’s craft, as he builds on the momentum of his
solid track record, yet looks ahead toward his bright future in hip-hop. Tracks like the recently
released “Season” with Ciggy Black set the stage for bringing his unrelenting energy, while
Ciggy’s second cameo on “Drill Story” weaves in the grit of true crime. “Love Me” with Skottie
Gatts features Max delivering a standout verse, while the next release, “Meet Hiiim” showcases
Max gliding skillfully over a melodic beat. “The vibe of the mixtape is like the whole vibe of my
music: super energetic, super upbeat, real street sh*t,” Max says. “Brooklyn is really active right
now, so that’s really all that I could talk about.”

As MaxThaDemon enters the next phase in his career and packs on more success, he keeps
his mission intact. “I’ve been struggling in the streets with my mans all this time,” he says
earnestly. “My main is goal right now is to get me and my mans that I struggle with out of the
hood. That’s all I care about right now.”