Flipp Dinero


After first gaining recognition in 2016 for his features on The Smokers Club’s “Smoke2This” mixes, Brooklyn rapper Flipp Dinero caught the eye of Joey Bada$$ and Cinematic Music Group’s Jonny Shipes. Having realized Flipp’s potential, he signed to Cinematic shortly after. With the support of Joey and the Pro Era collective, he started off 2017 strong releasing his first single “I Do”, premiered by Complex. Flipp has been featured on Spotify’s popular hip hop playlist “Most Necessary” over five times, garnering nearly a million plays on the track between Spotify and Soundcloud platforms alone. Since the start of the year, Flipp has also captured the attention of Apple Music/Beats 1 (Ebro), Billboard, XXL, Hip Hop DX, Hot New Hip Hop, Elevator, and Mass Appeal to name a few.

The son of Haitian parents, Flipp got his start in music at an early age in his local choir. At 15, he became known not only for his freestyle skills, but also for his impressive ability to craft melodic hooks that carry throughout his work. Flipp describes his own sound with a focus on the concept of change and growth, he says,

“There’s one thing about music that people tend to forget… it’s the gift of change. The fact that different is appealing & undeniable. That’s why I’m thankful my love for music has never been limited. I’ve always been intrigued by the difference of sound leading to the same emotion…it’s lead me to an in depth search of such an art, which has pushed my versatility to grow.”

Flipp aims to showcase his Brooklyn pride, family ties, and tell his story through the music. His artful statements are reflections of his Canarsie upbringing and those who inspire him, including Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, and Bankroll Fresh. His unique sound and versatility have made him an exciting young artist to watch coming out of Brooklyn. His debut project, The Guala Way debuted earlier this summer on June 23rd, and is approaching the 2 million streaming count milestone