Kash Juliano


Kash Juliano is a talented BK emcee who
thrives well in performing harmonic trap
music. Since the age of 5 he sung in the
church leading him to learn to play three
instruments including the keyboard, drums,
and a microphone.

To some, being from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn means a life
in the streets, going to sleep hungry, and playing
basketball into the wee hours at night. If you were to
assume this, you would be correct, however there is
another fact. Bed-Stuy has also birthed
some of Hip Hop’s greatest talents. Influenced by his
reality, he learned to escape it through music.

His writing skills were recognized by multi
platinum producer Jerry Wonda which
allowed him to secure a publishing deal
with the famed producer under Wonda
Music. This deal has led him to write and
provide vocals for Grammy winning artist
and charting talents.

After signing a management deal with
longtime partner One Brikk Worldwide, he
was signed to a recording deal with
Cinematic Music Group. CEO Jonny Shipes
says “this kid is phenomenal “
, impressed
with Kash Juliano ability to write the
lyrics, create the harmony, and produce
the beat.

With a strong support system, real talent,
and passion to make it out the hood doing
something positive, Kash Juliano is ready
to entertain and keep hip hop great.