Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz

  1. Intro (Main Yuck Skit)
  2. Hustla (New Version)
  3. Set It Out
  4. Country Boyz
  5. Ballin’ On a Budget (Tight Vocal Up Version)
  6. Awnaw (All Hooks Up Version)
  7. Headz Up
  8. Slums
  9. Po’ Folks (feat. Anthony Hamilton) [New Version]
  10. Start It Over
  11. Blowin’ Trees (Napdonalds Skit)
  12. Sholiz (New Version)
  13. Life’s a Bitch (New Version) [New Vox Up Version]
  14. My Ride
  15. One Forty (New Vocal Up Version)
  16. Dime, Quarter, Nickel, Penny
  17. Kentucky Mud (New Version)
  18. The Lounge (Lounge Version)
  19. Ho Down
  20. Headz Up (Refried)
  21. Awnaw (Rock Remix) [feat. Marcos of P.O.D.]

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